Frequently asked questions

Art Questions

What kind of tablet do you use?

I use a cintiq 12 WX

What Art Programs do you use?

I primarily use Paint tool Sai I also occassionaly use medibang for comics and Clip studios for backgrounds and extra rendering.

Do you have suggestions for improving art?

Practice, study and experiment often.

Do You take Requests

I only take requests when I do request streams, which are often Patrons only. You are always free to send in suggestions, but the more specific the suggestion the less liekly it'll be done.

What Are your commission prices

As of when I'm making this FAQ my prices are $20 an hour, this is subject to change, please contact me to verify prices.

Patreon and Store Questions

How do I get my free monthly sketch packs.

I send out sketch pack code(s) at the start of every month that way you can use them to get a sketch pack(s) for free from my sketch pack store: Depending on your tier level on Patreon will determine the number of sketch packs codes you will receive. $5 tier Gets 1 sketch pack codes per month $10 tier gets 2 sketch pack codes per month

My discount code for a sketch pack is not working

Please Contact me via patreon, Ekas or email at

I purchased something from the store but did not get a download link.

Contact me via Patreon PMs send me the following information: Transaction Id: Title of item purchased: Date item was purchased: Email Address:

I did not recieve a sketch pack code(s) at the start of the month.

Verify that your payment for Patreon went through because if it did not I will not send the code. Please check junkmail if you are set to recieve via email. If all the above have been verified please contact me via patreon PM.